International festival-competition for young pianists


VII Международный фестиваль - конкурс юных пианистов "Серебряное озеро" будет проходить с 30 апреля по 3 мая 2015г. Все вопросы можно задать в группе Вконтакте


«Silver lake» is an international festival-competition that has been held in Gatchina since 2008. The idea of this competition belongs to the teachers of leading in Saint-Petersburg region Children’s Music School named after M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. It has also been a member of Association of Russian Music Competitions since 2010.

Gatchina is an industrial, scientific, cultural and educational center of Saint-Petersburg region. State art and architectural palace and park museum «Gatchina» that is situated here as well as the historic city center, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the beginning of May young pianists (soloists, ensembles and accompanists) from Russia and foreign countries come here in order to take part in this prestigious competition, to show their talent, performing will and also to gain
and acceptance of the jury.

Competition auditions are held in the concert hall of Children’s Music School which was opened in 1930 thanks to the famous Russian composter M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. That is why the school is named after him.

For many talented performance the competition «Silver lake» has opened a path to further success and professional training. We very much hope that this festival-competition will thrive, grow and leave unforgettable days of communicating with beautiful music for everyone and for a long time.


  • Festival Founders

    Music Competitions Association of Russia, Union of Concert Artists of Russian Federation, Committee of Culture of Leningrad Region, Administration of Gatchina Municipal District, Administration of Gatchina Municipal Entity “Gatchina City”, M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov Children’s Music School, The Musical Review Russian national newspaper.

  • Tasks and goals

    To unlock creativity, improve students’ technical skills, broaden the minds and intelligence of children and youth from different countries, to preserve world pianistic performance traditions. To develop and strengthen professional and cultural connections, to share experience between teachers, to establish contacts in terms of creative activities and business, to organize student swaps between schools in different countries.

  • Financial conditions

    Information about cash
    contribution for participation:

  • First round

    For the participants from Leningrad region this round will be held in April 2015 within the lines of the regional competition in the concert hall of Children’s Music School named after M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. For other participants qualifying round will be held in educational institutions.

  • Second round

    This round is being held in Children’s Music School named after M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. Order of performers is set by the year of birth, from younger to older, in alphabetical order.

  • Categories

    Piano Solo,
    Piano Ensemble,
    Young Accompanyist.

  • Registration documents

    Documents required
    for participation:



Repertoire for all age groups in the «Piano Solo» category

  • Polyphonic composition of J. S. Bach;
  • Composition of Russian composers
    of XIX - middle of XX centuries;*
  • Composition of the participant's choice.*
  • *(The programme must include compositions in different styles).

Repertoire for all age groups in the categories «Piano Ensemble» and «Young Accompanyist»

Two diverse compositions, different in style:
composition of foreign classics without constraints in time of creation; Russian classics or composition of Russian composers of XX - XXI centuries.

Repertoire for all age groups in the categories «Piano Ensemble» and «Young Accompanyist»

  • Category «A» under 9 y.o./10 minutes;
  • Category «B» from 10 to 12 y.o./12 minutes;
  • Category «C» from 13 to 15 y.o./15 minutes;
  • Category «D» from 16 to 18 y.o./20 minutes.

Age categories and maximum duration
of the performance in the categories
«Piano Ensemble» and «Young Accompanyist»

  • Category «A» under 10 y.o./ 8 minutes;
  • Category «B» from 11 to 12 y.o./10 minutes;
  • Category «C» from 13 to 15 y.o./12 minutes;
  • Category «D» from 16 to 18 y.o./15 minutes.
Age of participants is determined on April 1, 2015


  • April 30

    • registration of participants, acoustic rehearsal
  • May 1

    • auditions
  • May 2

    • auditions
  • May 3

    • master - class of members of the jury , the final gala concert and rewarding of the participants


  • Members

    The jury consists of leading experts of musical institutions and secondary specialized educational institutions of St. Petersburg, representatives of foreign countries. Chairman of the jury is representative of Russia.

  • Evaluation system

    Performances contestants are evaluated by the international jury on ten-point system.

  • Rewarding

    Contestants are assigned ranks of winners and participants of the festival-contest with the award including diplomas, as well as cash bonuses, prizes and souvenirs. The jury has the right to award the Grand Prix and set up special prizes.

The best contestants will take part in the final gala concert.


  • Address

    Russia, Leningrad region,
    Gatchina, Chkalova str., 66
  • Phone/Fax

    +7 (813 71) 216 54
    +7 (813 71) 214 67

  • E-mail